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ADA Miss Cumalot pt. 4

Everything in me screamed "Don’t do it." 

Everything, but my pussy. 

He walked over to me and pulled me up, closer to his chest. 
"I missed you." He said.
"Don’t." I started trying to pull away.
"Are you going to tell me that you don’t miss me?"
I shook my head. 
"You don’t?"
"I do, but…." I whispered, unable to look in his eyes. 
"No ‘buts’, I miss you, you miss me. It’s that simple." 

	Darren lifted my chin and kissed me. I closed my eyes, opening my mouth for his tongue. I bit his bottom lip and grabbed his shirt. I pulled it off and threw it on the bed. I had missed him, but I was also angry at him for leaving me in the first place. I yanked my dress over my head and threw it. I kissed him, reached down and undid his pants. They fell to the floor. Darren took my lead and pulled my panties down. I kicked them away while removing my bra. He cupped my face, kissing me sensually. I wasn’t in the mood for sensual. I pushed him on the bed, he fell back. I climbed on top. I looked down at his dick. His dick was hard, standing straight up. I looked at it, letting out a load of spit and rubbing it in with my hand.

"Oh I missed you baby." He said as I eased his dick into my pussy.
"OOOO FUCK" he yelled. 
"How much did you miss me?" I asked sliding down on top of his dick.
"A lot baby…. shit…. I missed you a lot, you just don’t know."

	I rolled my hips on his dick. His hands rubbing my breasts. His dick reached my G-spot as I bounced harder on it. My pussy began raining on his dick. I dug my nails into his chest. He let out a moan. 
"Ride that dick baby." He said.
"Whose dick is this?" I said through gritted teeth. 
He laughed.
I slapped his face hard.
"What the fuck?" he asked, getting angry.
"Whose dick is this?" I repeated as I grinded on him.
"Yours…... ooo shit." He moaned as I bounced harder.
I grabbed my breasts, my head falling back. I loved riding Darren. I loved being on top and dominating him. I loved getting him angry in bed, always meant I would have an explosive orgasm.
"That’s it baby…. ride daddy’s dick." he said.
I slapped his face again, bending down and kissing him. 
"God this dick is so good." I moaning and bouncing.
"Shit, I am about to cum." He said.
I sat up and grabbed his neck with my right hand, squeezing/
"Take this pussy." I said choking him.
"Oh you want to get rough?" he asked before flipping me over. 
He was on top now…. pounding my pussy in. 
"This will ALWAYS be my pussy bitch." He said.
I scratched his back, digging my nails in, in an attempt to draw blood.
"Fu…... fuck me harder…." I cried. 
He wasn’t going as hard as I wanted or needed.
I slapped him across his face before he pinned my arms down.
"Don’t fucking slap me." he said.
I smiled, out of breath, laughing as he fucked me. 
Darren went in on auto-pilot, throwing the pillows onto the floor. He choked my neck, still ramming his dick inside me. 

"You like this don’t you?"
"Yeah…... I love it……FUCK! I love that dick." I yelled.
He smiled, reaching down and rubbing my clit. 
"Yes daddy…… take your pussy back baby." I grabbing his ass. 
Darren lifted my leg onto his shoulders, pushing in deeper. 
"Ahhh shit…… tell me you missed this." I said grabbing his neck again.
He grunted.
We rolled over, now I was back on top. 
"Tell me Darren…. tell me you missed this pussy." I said in his ear.
"I missed it baby…… you know I missed it." 
"You like this pussy?" I asked pinning his arms down. 
"Ahhh fuck…. Yes, I like it…... I fucking love it." He confessed.
"Apologize." I said.
His eyes got big.
"APOLOGIZE" I yelled.
"I’m…. sorry…... I’m so fucking sorry baby…. Shit, I am sorry for everything…... oooh damn, I am sorry…."
I sat back, still grinding on his dick before I started cumming on him.
I kissed him as he came inside me.

We lay on the bed, covered in sweat and out of breath. 

~Chapter 20~

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon downstairs. I looked at the clock, seeing it that was just after eight in the morning. I rolled out of bed and threw one of Darren’s shirts on. I walked down to the kitchen, where he was scrambling eggs.
"Good morning." I said.
"Good morning beautiful."
He leaned in to kiss me, I moved my head. 
"Morning breath." I opening the cabinet for a cup.
"I don’t care about morning breath; I have licked your ass before." He commented. 
I laughed as I poured a cup of coffee.
"My back is all fucked up, thanks to you." He said. 
"Sorry, not sorry."
I shrugged as I poured French Vanilla cream in my cup.
"You want pancakes?"
"Sure." I said leaning against the counter, letting the aroma of the coffee seep into my nose. 
"You have plans for today with your friend?"
I looked up.
"What friend?"
"The one from the traffic stop."
"Oh Drell? I invited him to come with me yesterday."
Darren looked at me.
"He can’t come to my house Keela." 
"Why? You told me I could invite someone to the housewarming party."
"Not another man you are dating."
I rolled my eyes.
"I’m just saying, I wouldn’t bring another woman to your home." 
"Yeah you would."
"No I would not. I never would have brought Ka…."
I folded my arms.
"Sorry…..." he said looking down at the bowl of eggs.
I walked up closer to him.
"You miss her?" I asked.
"No, I don’t miss her." He said as I moved in closer, my breasts touching his arm. 
"Don’t start Keela." 
"You almost said her name, so clearly she is on your mind."
"Naw, but that motherfucker you are dealing with is, and this is about her, this is about him. Don’t confuse the two."
I reached out and grabbed the waistband of his boxers, pulling him closer. 
"Seriously, I am mad that you wanted to bring that man to my house." He said trying to be serious. 
"How mad?" I whispered in his ear, reaching my hand down into his boxers.
"Stop…. Seriously, stop, I am cooking. I am more than just a piece of meat." He said.
"You are?"
"Keela…. For real…. Let me cook!" he laughed.
I laughed loudly. 

	I backed up, looking at him up and down. I squatted down in front of him, looking up at him. He shook his head ‘no’ and tried to push me off. I reached inside his boxers and pulled his dick out. I kissed the tip, looking up at him. Darren, being smart, turned the gas stove off at this point. I stuck my tongue out, licked around the tip before putting his dick into my mouth. I tucked my hair behind my head as I sucked on him harder. 

"Oooo shit baby." He said.

I sucked faster, moving my head on his thick dick. I used to give Darren head almost daily, before he went to work, fighting the highways and traffic stops of Atlanta. Now, having him in my mouth, brought back sweet memories. I looked up at him, he was enjoying this as much as I was. I pulled boxers all the way down, my mouth still on his dick. Darren couldn’t keep his balance and had to lean on the countertop next to the stove. 

"Oh damn baby….. Damn you suck that dick so good." He said. 

I smiled as I jacked his dick, looking at him. My pussy was dripping wet watching him, watch me. I loved the naughty feeling of eye contact during oral sex. I licked under his dick, rubbing it on my face. I knew how Darren liked it. I knew he liked for me to get nasty and very ‘un-ladylike’ when I sucked his dick. 

"I’m about to cum baby." He said out of breath.

I sucked harder. Just as I opened my mouth, pushing all of him inside, he released his cum. It took my surprise. He hadn’t done his usual loud grunting. He let out a huge load, which I swallowed quickly. His body was shaking, like he was having a seizure. 
"DDAMMMNNN BABY!!!!" he said once I released him from my mouth. 
I wiped my mouth, standing up, and grabbing my coffee cup.

"I want my eggs scrambled with cheese." I said looking back over my shoulder, walking out the kitchen, heading upstairs.

~Chapter 21~

One Week Later

"Good morning." Drell said knocking on my office door. 
I looked up from my computer, the blue ink pen still in between my teeth.
"H…. hi" I said.
"Hello stranger." He said.
"What brings you by?" I asked taking my glasses off and standing up.
"I was in the building." He began. 
He walked in, closed the door behind him.
"I haven’t seen or talked to you in a while." He said.
I nodded.
"I know, work has been crazy, new trial is beginning soon."
"Oh, is that right?" 
He stood in his khaki uniform pants and black polo shirt, his duty belt around his waist. 
"So, I was looking at my calendar…."
There was a knock at the door.
"Come on." I said. 
Darren opened the door and peeked his head in.
"Hey." I said surprised to see him.
"Am I interrupting?" he asked looking over at Drell and then to me.
Darren stood in his State Patrol uniform, arms folded, waiting to see which conversation I would choose.
"Well, Officer Dawgly here, was just stopping by."
"It’s good to see you again." Darren said extending his arm.
"Likewise." Drell said shaking his hand.
I looked at them both.
"Well, I won’t keep you, we just need to discuss your birthday." Darren said.
"My birthday?"
"Yeah, it’s next weekend,"
"That’s actually why I am here…. I was looking at the calendar and saw that your birthday was Saturday." Drell said.
"Yeah, I didn’t know either of you knew that."
"Of course." Drell said. 
I looked at the two of them, both tall, fine and equally delicious.
"Do you have any plans?" Darren asked.
"I have something in mind, but I have to put it together."
"I was thinking of taking you out for dinner, unless you have other plans."
"As of now, I have no plans." I told Drell.
"Good, then we can do dinner Saturday…"
"And I can do dinner on Sunday." Darren chimed in.
I smiled.
"Two men offering to take me out for my birthday, every woman’s dream." I said.
"Well let me know for sure…. I have to be in traffic court in thirty minutes, so I will call you later." Darren said. 
I nodded as he walked out, my eyes glued to his ass.
Drell cleared his throat.
"So, I see you two have….."
"He was just stopping by, seeing me from the traffic stop that night made him miss me." I shrugged.
"So are you two…
"Fucking, are you two fucking?"
"You really want me to answer that?"
"I asked."
"We have, yeah. We are casual, remember?"
He chuckled to himself.
"You fucked him? Seriously?"
"You asked and since I am single and grown, who is going to judge me?"
"I don’t want to fuck you and you are fucking someone else."
"Ok? So, just let that, you are done?"
"I am acknowledging what you are saying Drell."
"I told you I don’t share."
"You also told me that you were ok with getting together when we both were free; you can’t have it both ways. If you want more, then say that, if not, then we are both free to do what we want."
"I will talk to you later."
"Seriously? You are made that you have to eat your own words?"
"No, I am mad that you are out here fucking me and him, and never would have told me."
I threw the folder down on my desk as he walked out the door, storming out.

~Chapter 22~

I called Drell two days later, giving him time to cool down.
"Are you still mad?" I asked.
"Naw, I am over it now, shit I’m chillin" he said.
"Did you decide to go out and get even?"
He got quiet.
"So let me guess, you fucked someone else?"
"Maybe. No point in waiting on you, right?"
I rubbed my forehead.
"I called you about my birthday."
"Ok, what’s up?"
"Can you swing by today, my office?"
"Yeah, I can come by."

Later that afternoon as I packing up some files, Drell walked in.
"Hey." I said hugging him.
His hug was weak; a sure sign he was still upset.
"What’s going on?" he asked.
"Nothing much, how is your day?" I asked.
"Typical Wednesday."
"So…. I do have something I would like to do for my birthday." I told Drell.
"What is that?" he asked.
"I would like a night, where it is all about me."
"Meaning what?" he asked, kind of snapping on the ‘what’ part.
"A threesome." 
His eyes got big.
"A threesome with you, me and Darren." I said. 
"You must be out your babbit-ass mind."
"No, I am not, it’s my birthday, and quite frankly, I can’t think of two men who would bring me some insane orgasms."
He scratched the back of his head, looking around my office.
"Are you serious?" he asked.
"Very, it’s something I have been thinking of for a while. I know he would be down, so…. That leaves you." I said.
"You want a threesome with me and you and some other motherfucker, not a woman, but another man?" he asked.
"Yes, I want that for my birthday." I told him.
"I have never experienced one and for this birthday, I would like to."
He looked at me up and down.
"I can’t believe this shit." He said laughing.
"Look, if you don’t want to, then fine, I will get another man who will. It’s how I want to spend my birthday night, being fucked and sucked by two amazing men, and having it all about me." I explained.
"I see." He said.
"And I want one of those amazing men…." 
I walked closer to him, my chest touching his chest.
"To be you." I said in his ear, licking on his earlobe.
"Naw, don’t even try that shit. Don’t start Keela." He warned.
"Will you do it?" I asked licking and gently biting his ear.
His breathing became heavier.
"Tell me." I said kissing his jawline, down to his neck.
"Let me think about it. I’m usually not a fan of sharing, as you know." He said.
"Ok." I said backing off.
"I’m just saying, if it were another woman, then hell yeah, but…."
"It’s my fantasy, so, I don’t want another woman eating this pussy, call me crazy, but it’s not my thing…. That’s what I want." I said sitting in my office chair.
"You sure you really want this?" he asked.
"Why is that hard to believe?"
He shrugged.
"You wouldn’t ask a man that if he told you he wanted a threesome for his birthday." I told him.
"If a man told me he wanted a threesome with me in it, I would beat the shit out of him,"
I laughed.
"You know what I mean. Yes, I want this."
"So, you will do it?"
He sighed heavily.
"Maybe, I will think about it." He said before leaving my office.
"Fair enough, but my birthday is this weekend, and I already have the hotel booked."
"Yeah, this shouldn’t be in my home." I said.
He shrugged.
"Whatever, I was not expecting this when I came here."
I laughed as he exited my office.